Understanding Content Marketing: Types Of Usable Content

Content marketing is not just about writing good blogs… it is way more than that!

In fact, if you want to build a strong online presence with content marketing, the best way out is to launch your own blog and start creating great content. And when your blog is established well, you need to throw in new types of content to capture interest of existing and new fans.

When you refresh your content marketing strategy with newer types of content, you will almost immediately see a great difference in terms of improved conversion rates, enhanced traffic, more of targeted visitors and better outcomes of your SEO efforts.

Currently, many types of engaging content forms are being used by marketing professionals, but following 13 of them can help you fetch more traffic. But before we discuss further about them or you straightaway start using them, there are certain important things you must consider:

  1. A) You Do Not Have To Try All Of These: Different types of businesses or brands may use different types of content in different ways to suit their different purposes. You are not bound to experiment with all the content types mentioned here. If you think a particular type of content will not work for you, that is absolutely fine; leave it and focus on what might work great for you.
  2. B) Be Open To Try New Things: Do not shy away from trying new things because what you think is “customary” might actually be boring your readers out there. Most of the people do not try new things because they think it’s too hard or too flat. But you still need to encourage yourself to present something new and different to your readers; especially in today’s scenario when you do not need more than a good smart phone to shoot a quality video to be posted as a valuable content.
  3. C) Select One And Schedule It Well: Select one or two types of content that you find fit for your business and schedule them well to be included in your next month’s content marketing plan. If you won’t plan it, you won’t do it ever – it is just as simple as that!
  4. D) This Is Not An Exhaustive List: You can always think of new ways and ideas to come up with great content. The list of types of content that can be used on websites and other online mediums is simply endless. Just develop your ideas to come up with something that is interesting and delivers value to your readers.

So, here is a list of types of content that can radically revolutionize your content marketing strategies for great results:


Infographics present data or information in a visual format. As suggested by the name, infographics combine information with interesting graphics.

People love to see and share infographics way more than any other type of content. Infographic present the information in an extremely powerful way that it does not go without viewer’s notice. It has got immense potential to go viral in a quick time.

How To Use Inforgraphics Effectively

A professional graphic designer can help you to create the inforgraphics. Although some graphic designers specialize in creating infographics, but even your regular graphic designer in your professional group can help.

This type of content can easily be used to present any form of content whether it is a research, some findings, a concept or statistics. It works pretty well for any type of information you wish to share interestingly with your readers.

As you start up with infographics, keep following things in mind:

  • It can be quite expensive (starts at about $1000 per infographic) to work with. So, check your budget before starting.
  • In the beginning, it would immediately go viral if it is an infographic. But it is not a case now. Since everyone is getting up with infographics, make sure that yours is really good and easy to share.
  • The latest trend is to create Gifographics. It uses the basic model of infographics but features animated images or GIFs in place of static images as conventionally used in infographics.


Memes are hilarious and they are pretty easy to make. People love memes because it makes them laugh and it instantly encourages them to share it further.

How To Use Memes Effectively

  • You do not need professionally trained designers to create memes. There are some easy websites that allow you to create memes by simply adding text to some of the popular images.
  • You may not want your blogs to be stuffed with a number of memes but they are quite popular on social media platforms. So, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest etc can help spread your memes effectively and productively.
  • Memes can be classified as just-for-fun content. So, when you get some funny ideas in your mind, go ahead and turn them into a meme.

Memes are extremely popular; so, when you create them, consider following things:

  • They are highly adaptable; which means, you can use it for any specified niches.
  • Memes can devalue your brand or message if you use them insensibly or if you overuse them. So, use them when you need to change the mood or when you have something incredibly funny to share.


Videos bring a new world of possibilities altogether. There are many popular types of videos in the online realm. No matter what kind of a video you want to use to promote your business or brand, just ensure that it communicates your message clearly and effectively. Videos are incredibly persuasive and make a lasting impression; that is why it is accepted as the most impressive & expressive type of content.

How To Use Videos Effectively

  • Whether you are creating an explainer video, a music video or a tour video; you need to have the right script. A good video is not just about a series of moving pictures; its more about the words that explain everything that is being displayed.
  • Make sure that your video is shared on popular video promoting websites like vimeo and Youtube. These sites pass on valuable social signals that consequently improve your SEO.
  • Creating and publishing a video may not be cheap. If you do not have big budget to hire camera crew and video specialists, start small.
  • Do not make long video. Just 2-3 minutes long video is effective enough to pass the message. Longer video may in fact turn out to be boring and ineffective.


It is quite a long and detailed type of content. It generally goes beyond the set standards of length, approach and style of regular blogs. They have a visual flair and they are largely preferred by people who are looking for deeper information on a specific product or topic.

How To Use Guides Effectively

To create good guides, you need a good idea at the first place. And then you need a good writer and a great designer. Think of an idea that your readers really want to read about. Your writer must produce top quality content and your designer must present that content attractively. Also ensure that the guide is made available as a PDF file in downloadable format.

  • Guide can help you immensely if you want to collect email addresses and other contact details of the readers.
  • Your guide must look absolutely great. Just ensure that you hire professional designers and writers to do the job. Guides are all about clean layout, excellent presentation and effective writing style.

Book Reviews

It is simply a write up about your take on a particular book. You have the freedom to either appreciate a good book or sensibly critique a not-so-good book. Book reviews are essentially a great type of content for successful content marketing as it establishes you as a thoughtful leader.

How To Use Book Reviews Effectively

Writing a good book review involves a considerate format. Following pointers will help to write a good book review:

  • Give a short introduction of the book
  • Give a short introduction of the author
  • Write a short summary of the book that includes the major points
  • Write about what you like about the book
  • Write what you do not like much about the book
  • Recommend the book to the readers or recommend a better book
  • Present appropriate call to action
  • Book reviews can work wonders for you if you have a decent group of people who are interested in reading books
  • They can help you tremendously if you can interestingly review a newly released book or if you can impressively interview an author

Product Reviews

Just like book reviews, products reviews too can establish you as a leader. Every industry has its own services and products etc that needs to be reviewed to help potential buyers and distributors. As you get manufacturers, developers, buyers and dealers engaging with your product/service reviews, you automatically gain respect and recognition.  Just share your experience with the product and give your sincere recommendations.

How To Use Product Reviews Effectively

The pattern to write the product reviews is almost same as writing book reviews. Introduce the product and its brand well in the beginning and then describe the product along with its usage. Add the recommendations and in the end, do not forget to write appropriate call to action for enticing your readers.

If the product you want to review is a complicated one, you may need to include a couple of videos to clearly demonstrate how the product functions. Take real life hands-on approach to write the product reviews.

How To Articles

How to articles are one of the most popular types of online content. Such articles are especially beneficial because they allow you to target long tail keywords.

How To Use “How To” Articles Effectively

Identify a common issue or a problem that is most frequently asked for a solution. Come up with its feasible answer. Then write up the article with following main pointers:

  • Give a short introduction to the problem
  • Give introduction to its solution
  • Discuss the solution in detail
  • Summarize and finally draw a conclusion
  • There are endless topics to be used for how to articles. Select a topic that you are most familiar with and then write an interesting article on that topic.
  • Make sure that you do a thorough research before writing such an article. Include all the required pictures, videos, resources and diagrams as necessary.


Lists are simple to create and they have great appeal to the readers. A lot of marketers use it for easy yet effective content marketing. Even this particular article you are reading right now is a list of types of content! Numbered items appeal to all types of casual or intrigued readers.

How To Use Lists Effectively

Select a topic and prepare a numbered list. As you write the list, make sure it is written in a simple and clear format. Start the article with a simple introduction and then follow up with your numbered list and at the last, write a conclusion.

  • A detailed list is always preferred
  • There is nothing like a magical or lucky number for creating the list. Any even, odd or round number is good for writing the list.


E-books again are a long type of content. They are created in many formats but most commonly, you will find it as PDF files. They generally are a downloadable product that is given in exchange with subscriptions or when someone joins your mailing lists. It is a great source to establish your leadership in a specific niche and to share your extensive knowledge of the industry.

How To Use E-Books Effectively

If you want to write an E-book, make sure that you have enough content to be turned into a book. Ideally, 10,000 words is a good standard. At the same time, your content must be well researched and extensive. Make sure that your content is divided into chapters with sensible chunks of topic-oriented text.

  • A great E-book has a great title. Take good time to craft an appealing but to the point title for your E-book.
  • Another essential feature of a good E-book is that it is full of colorful graphics, pictures and engaging formatting.
  • If possible, create your E-book in both the versions – PDF and HTML. The HTML version will allow you to embed other elements such as videos, audios and various resources.

Case Study

Case study is an explanatory type of content that explains a product or service in full detail. It is basically created to help the clients who are interested in a specific type of product, industry or service. It contains basic guidelines of “What we do”, “How it is done” and “Here is what we get”.

How To Use Case Studies Effectively

For best results, create the case studies in a format like following:

  • Start with the introduction of the case study and a short preview of the probable result.
  • Write about the challenges faced during the study and how did you overcome those challenges.
  • Write about the solutions in detail. Explain step-by-step how you solved the challenges that you come across.
  • Discuss about the results and how you achieved it.
  • Write a conclusion with correct call to action prompt.
  • Make sure that your case study does not sound like purely a marketing speech.
  • Make the case study interesting. Make it like a story… a good success story. It should not be bland and boring.


Every industry or niche has a leader. As you interview such a leader, you not only fetch tremendous traffic but you also earn respect in the industry. Interviews are unique pieces of content because this is the kind of information that only you have.

How To Use Interviews effectively

Invite the interviewee and setup a perfect environment to talk with him or her without any disturbance. You can follow below tips:

  • Introduce your interviewee with great enthusiasm.
  • Ask sensible questions and allow enough time to the interviewee to answer in detail.
  • Continue asking questions till the entire conversation reaches a conclusion.
  • Do not lose the point or topic of the interview.
  • At the conclusion, do not forget to thank your interviewee and at the same time, do include appropriate call to action prompt.

Even if you record the interview in audio or video formats, do not forget to also provide a written transcript of it. This will make your interview content sharable for better content marketing.


Podcast was extremely popular once upon a time and they still are a great type of content. Podcast is easy to create. A lot of people still listen to podcasts while traveling or while exercising. It is a great way to pass on your message farther in a better way.

How To Use Podcast Effectively

To create podcast, all you need is a quality microphone and a little technical knowledge.

As it is the case with any other media publication, podcast too need good quality content to be advertised well. For instance, you can announce about your podcast on your blog supported by a bit of discussion. You can also use your blog to inform your readers about newly released podcasts and to provide a short preview of the topic you have covered in the podcast.

To add more value to your overall content marketing efforts, you can generate transcripts of the podcasts to be published in the blogs. It carries a lot of SEO value.

Research & Data

There are many fields where a lot of data, numbers and metrics carry a great importance. If you share your research data with others, you can earn a lot of online traffic. It also works to earn trust of the readers and establish your authority. When you put in a lot of hard work to research a topic, people respect it and share it further.

How To Use research Data Effectively

  • Find a good topic that interests your readers and do an extensive research on it.
  • Invest good amount of time to investigate the topic and find the outcomes.
  • Present your researched data in an interesting way. Share your findings in engaging formats of numbers, percentages and graphs etc.
  • Professional researches can be very expensive. So, plan the budget before you begin.
  • Keep converting your daily reports into fruitful content and keep building your data.
  • You can present your research data in form of infographic.

These are just a few types of content that can boost your content marketing strategies enormously. There are plenty other types of powerful content such as link pages and opinion posts etc that can be used for the purpose.

No matter what type of content you use for your content marketing, just remember that the basic purpose of the content is to speak to the audience. As a consequent, people read, share and talk about your content to improve your SEO. And loyal readers convert into loyal customers to benefit your direct business.

This way, a correctly used content has great potential to benefit your brand in more than one ways. So, take your business and content marketing plan to next level with any of the suitable type of content mentioned above.