How to get more traffic with article marketing

As marketers/webmasters, we want to get as many eyeballs on our website and offers possible. Since the more people who see your website, the more you can make in the process. This training will teach you how to get more traffic to your website with article marketing, and here I will explain what I recently started doing to get more visitors to my website.

What is article marketing?

Firstly I want to clarify that article marketing is NOT the same as article directory marketing. Article directory marketing is submitting (usually low quality) articles to as many article directories as possible and hoping to get visitors back to your website from people clicking on the link at the bottom of these articles. And honestly, this doesn’t work anymore; it never really has. It used to be suitable for SEO purposes, but nowadays, it’s just not worth the time and effort. On the other hand, article marketing is a strategy that I use to distribute my articles to blogs within my niche and social media sites. Instead of hoping people will find my article in the article directories, I’m getting them published on other blogs with an already interested audience, which is more likely to click the link to my website. Notice that I’m doing this because of the traffic from these blogs, not for getting backlinks to my site.

Like most marketing strategies, article marketing follows a certain procedure every time you write a new article. I’m going to walk you through all the phases of article marketing successfully.


It all starts with writing your article; it’s not called article marketing because it sounded cool, after all (and it doesn’t sound cool at all). Anyway your article is what I like to call the “Time Machine”, because it’s the article that will dictate how fast you will see results with this. Obviously, webmasters will want to have high quality content on their websites only, not some sort of garbage. The better your article is, the better your chances of getting it published. DO NOT, in any case settle for mediocre content (or even bad). If you do, you’ve already lost the battle and you can say goodbye to the results. When you write make sure the impact of your article is like a clash between King Kong and Godzilla… or just settle for content that’s pretty pretty pretty good!

Here’s a few article writing tips:

Make sure your content is not only informative, but also make it at least a bit amusing. Putting a smile on your audience’s face is a great way to get them to stick to your article and website.

Make your article detailed

This will not only make your audience love you because you are sharing a lot of valuable information, but it will also help you with the distribution of your articles. It’s been tested by me and others that one 1200 word article (longer articles in general) perform better than several shorter articles.

Make your articles your own

Develop your own style, your own wordings, opinions, etc. People don’t want to get more of the same, they want something completely new! Ps. Controversy also works pretty well.

For this purpose do not make a promotional article. I personally like to give my readers a source for getting more information or tools, but it can really hurt your chances of getting it syndicated. If you do promote something (at the end of the article for example), let the other person know that they can use their own affiliate link if they like, and tell them how to get their own link. This way you might get your article published that wouldn’t have been accepted otherwise, and you might even make a sale from that person checking the product and getting it him/herself!

Important: After you have written your badass content, It’s an absolute MUST that you get it indexed on your own site before you do anything else!! I can’t put enough emphasis on this. This needs to be done in order to make sure that you get the credits for writing the original publication, not one of the sites that we are getting the article posed on. Wouldn’t want the benefits to go to someone else right?

Don’t be scared by the word aggressive, it’s not like we’re going to put a gun to somebody’s head or something (effective, but also highly illegal lol). I’m calling this aggressive syndication because here we’ll be pitching the article to site owners asking them to publish the article. There is also a less aggressive part of this marketing strategy which I’ll get to a bit later. Obviously, the goal here is to get your article published on sites that are closely related to yours in order to get traffic to your own website from a link at the end of the article.

This is the first step of the aggressive approach. You need to find a blog you would like your article to be on first before you can actually ask the owner to publish it right? In most cases, a simple Google search for your keyword will do. Look for blogs that you think will get benefit from your article. If the blog has an audience interested in dog training, your article about cats obviously won’t be a good fit. The better your article suits the demands for that particular website’s audience the better.

In case a normal search for your keyword doesn’t find you the results you would like you can try to use Google’s blog search. This will only get you blogs as search results. Also try to broaden the type of blogs that you would like, don’t only go for very big blogs but some smaller ones as well.

When you have found blogs that you would like your article to be posted on, lurk around these blogs for a while, comment on a few blog posts (no promotions!). I like to do this so that your name looks familiar when you send the pitch and it shows them that you have done some research into their site and genuinely like their content (or at least fake it good enough ).

Now there’s a problem here: Especially the bigger blogs will be getting requests to post other people’s content regularly. Which means one thing, and one thing alone: You’re completely screwed… just kidding, you just need to stand out from the crowd. You have gone through the first step of doing this already when you wrote your awesome article, good for you! Unfortunately, this is only one part of standing out, it is the biggest part, though. What we’re going to do now is compose an email format to use when you are asking people to post your article on their blog:

Firstly introduce yourself (duh) and start to talk about their blog for a while. How’d you find it (you might want to come up with a better reason than this strategy), what you like about the site (be specific here), and these kind of things. This will show the website owner that you have a genuine interest in their site.

Take the conversation to their audience: Given their blog posts, what do you think that their audience wants, who is their audience, and what they are doing to help their readers. This is off course a great introduction to what YOU can do for their audience!

Like I said the next part of the email should be telling the person that you have an article available that they can publish that you think will benefit their audience and why. Most bloggers, especially those into marketing will want only the best of the best for their readers. Don’t forget to mention that they can post your article for free.

Then copy and paste your actual article in the email, don’t send it as an attachment as it might get lost easier. Either before or after the article mention them that they can publish your article for free, as long as they also post a link back to your site/original publication. I prefer to do this after your article, because hopefully after reading it he/she recognizes that it’s awesome content and that they gotta have it on their site!

In the final part, let them know that you are able to provide more articles in the future if they are open to it, and that you will let them know whenever you have something you think is suited for their audience. Then end your email, and hope for the best. Not everyone will be open to doing this, but if your article is good, you should have no problems finding at least 1 or 2 sites that want to publish your article, which Is GREAT!

This is where your influence and results start to pile up higher than the Empire State. Ok, maybe not like that, but your efforts duplicate from here on bringing more results with little extra effort. Remember when I told you to let the blogger know that you are able to supply more articles if they wanted? If not please click here for some brain training exercises (I’ve told you this like 5 sentences ago).

Like I said if only 1 site allows you to send your articles to them, do a little victory dance. After that open up a new word or excel document and start building a list. In this list include the site’s URL, contact information and the topics the website is about. This will be for later reference. After adding your sites to the list, close the document and continue to the next step. We will be using this list later on so hang on to it until that point.

The goal of article marketing is to get blogs to publish your article on their site in order for you to get traffic to your own website. Wouldn’t it be cool if this was possible on autopilot? It is possible! Now we are going to take the article and post it on; this is the biggest article directory and where most publishers go when looking for content. Don’t expect too much from this, but use it as a little bonus for your hard work up until this point.

“The Jehovah’s approach” and End game strategy

Again don’t let my, uhm weird? Names fool you, you won’t be preaching about the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I’d like to call it this way because you’ve got your foot between the door. This strategy is less aggressive than the one you have used before because you already know these people are open to publishing other people’s content.

Getting your foot in the door.

There are two ways to go about this method. The first one is to monitor all the articles you have in EzineArticles, I’d say once a week. Just Google the first two sentences between brackets “like this” and see what sites come up. If you find any that are not your own, you just got that passive syndication that I was talking about, congratulations! Now it’s time to real them in, hook, line and sinker.

Here you already have your foot between the door: Since they have previously published one of your articles, they obviously think that the quality is good enough for their website. If you have more related articles that are also good quality (and remember that your articles should Always have a lot value), they will be likely to support that piece of content as well. This should give you a way lower rate of rejection and whenever you get a yes you can add that site to your (growing) list.

The second way is to search for somebody else’s articles on Ezine that have been republished and contact those who did. It’s not exactly the same as with your own articles, but the principle is the same. Since they have previously posted someone else’s content, they might as well post yours since it’s badass.!

This is where the real fun begins! You have completed the whole stage of article marketing and now it’s time to start all over again with a new article. BUT, this time around there’s one extra step. We are going to use the list that we have built up so far and send the article to that list first.

Reminder: Make sure your article is indexed on your own site first!

If you only have 1 site in your list, simply send the article to that person, it doesn’t matter that you don’t have a big list here yet. My goal is to get at least 1 new site to host my writings with every new article that I write. It may not bring huge results at first, but it will grow over time.

Aaaand, we have arrived! This is the promised land of article marketing. Firstly getting your article on one other site, then two, then 3 or 4, and expanded reach with each new article you write! Think how much more traffic you will get when you write a single article for 5 websites instead of just your own. The potential is virtually limitless and only you can put the limit on yourself.

Social Media syndication

Bo-Bo-Bo-Bonus: In addition to my article marketing strategy I’ll also give you my best source for getting my work on social media sites, within 5 minutes! This is not counting posting it on my own social media profiles, but other people posting my content on theirs. For this I use a free service called TribePro. It’s a very simple concept: I put other people’s content on my social media profiles. For doing so I’m awarded points, which I can redeem to get my own content in their database. After that other members will have the same incentive to post my content.

Effective, yet so simple a sixth-grader could do it. For me, this has proven to bring in visitors to my website a couple of times already, and I don’t see it going away anytime soon either.