Does Frequent Blogging Increase Google Rankings? Google’s Answer Inside

Recently, during one of Google’s SEO office hour hangouts, one person asked whether adding content regularly was helpful for ranking.

Google’s response to this question was direct:

”No. Posting daily or at any specific frequency for that matter doesn’t help with ranking better in Google search results.”


Google explained that having more pages indexed in the Google index was the better option for higher rankings. This is because Google’s crawler needs to crawl the content to and index it before it can be ranked.

John Mueller, a senior webmaster trends analyst at Google, went into more depth on this concept during a 2021 answer to the question.

He clarified that the website’s overall quality is the biggest hitch in getting crawlable content.

If Google isn’t satisfied with the quality of the content, they will be less likely to crawl, index, and rank it.

So, how can webmasters make sure their website’s content is optimized for Google ranking?

To begin, Mueller suggested focusing less on quantity and more on content quality. Even if there is a lot of content on a website, if most of it is of low quality, Google’s crawler may not be able to index it properly, and the website will rank poorly.

Therefore, Mueller recommended making fewer pages with better content.

Another key to optimizing website content is promoting web pages that are not getting indexed. Mueller suggested ways to do this, such as creating more internal links and high-quality backlinks to those web pages.

Internal linking can also help Google to better understand the content on the website and identify the important pages.

Finally, Mueller suggested that webmasters give readers what they are looking for and focus on topics beyond just keywords.

By understanding the reader’s interests and creating content that appeals to them, webmasters can draw in more readers.

Invest in Quality Content Writing Over Quantity

Overall, Google’s advice for ranking well in their search engine results means focusing on content quality over quantity and on topics that are interesting and engaging to readers.

When it comes to creating content for websites, investing in premium writing services is essential for success. Cheap content often fails to engage readers and fails to provide the value necessary to rank well in search engine results.

Expert writers provide content that is both keyword-optimized and engaging. This is because professional content writers understand the importance of researching topics and producing content that resonates with readers. Skilled writers are also well-versed in SEO strategies, meaning they can craft content that is both search-engine friendly and optimized for readers.

In addition, content written by expert writers is often more comprehensive in nature. On the other hand, cheap content tends to be short and superficial, leaving readers unsatisfied and unlikely to click through to other pages.

Finally, content written by professional copywriters is more likely to be shared on social media and attract backlinks from other websites. This is because quality content is often more interesting, engaging, and valuable for readers, increasing the likelihood of sharing and backlinks.

In conclusion, investing in quality content writing services is essential for creating content that ranks well in search engine results, attracts readers, and has the potential to be shared and linked to. Quality content is an invaluable asset that can help websites reach their full potential.

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