10 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Sucks

Does your content marketing suck? If yes, don’t worry because if you can get the best article writing service, then your content marketing will be revitalized. Just the same, it’s still good to know the things that could only waste your efforts.

You have no clear plan or direction.

A strategy for content marketing is crucial. Do you intend to saturate social media with your posts or articles, no matter how short they may be? Will you provide content that is always original and new on your site/s, or will you curate and syndicate? Knowing the answers and keeping them in mind will keep you moving on a straight path as you work with the best article writing service that you can get.

You don’t give clear instructions when outsourcing your content.

These days, you don’t have to know how to write an article on your own to start content marketing. It’s pretty easy to find an article writer or two, or even more, whom you can outsource all your content. These skilled wordsmiths are usually handled by small teams or companies that provide article writing services (although some work independently).

Not all article writers are the same. In the same manner that not all musicians can perform all kinds of genres at the same intensity and passion, so with even the best article writers have to rely on the instructions given to them by their handlers or their clients. If the instructions you provide are unclear, the writer/s will be confused. The same thing happens when you insist upon something contrary to logic (can you say keyword stuffing?) because you firmly believe it should always be your way or the highway.

You don’t keep track of trends.

The best SEO writers know that many online markets are very fond of hopping on bandwagons. To make your content popular, you need to observe the latest trends in your niche and innovate on them. Don’t force-feed people with your ideas. Instead, give them what they’re looking for.

You’re more focused on form than substance.

Even if Google has repeatedly come up with clarifications and plain vanilla instructions on assessing the value of content, there are still those who insist on trying to game the search engines. They’re so focused on details such as keyword density percentages that they complicate things for those writing the content.

Content should sound naturally human, not stilted, robotic, or incoherent because of practices such as omitting prepositions or other parts of speech in keywords. For example, if you were a reader, which of these two sentences would you instead read? a.) Toilet paper New York is the softest!  or b.) Toilet paper that’s made in New York is the weakest!

You don’t read up on article writing tips.

One of the ways that the Net is magical is through the presence of online experts in different niches who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with you for free! There are a lot of tips online on article writing, and even if you may plan to farm out the work, you should still learn as many angles as you can. They can help you come up with more precise directions.

You refuse to think out of the box.

Writers are not known as “creatives” for nothing. There will be times when their approach and style to a topic may differ from yours. As the client, you have the final say, of course, over an article writing service. However, have some leeway for writers who think out of the box. Avoid rigidity.

You don’t want to curate and syndicate.

Curating and syndicating is integral to the nature of content marketing. Omitting these two processes robs you of opportunities for associating yourself with those who are more popular or experienced and knowledgeable about your niche. Tip: always give credit where credit is due.

You’re spotty about publishing.

To develop a loyal audience, your publishing schedules need to be consistent. Avoid spikes and dips in frequency and consistently come out with fresh and evergreen content. Make your content habit-forming by publishing regularly.

Your content is too detached from your audience.

You don’t need to go all-gooey on your market, but your audience must be able to relate to your content. That’s why any writer that you hire should be made to understand who your audience is – never assume that all audiences are alike and that the writer automatically knows which segment of the population will be reading the content.

You don’t vary your approaches.

There are all kinds of content on the Web, and they come packaged as lists, features, news, press releases, and so on. If you always insist on using only one approach, you could wear out your audience. Variety is the spice of life. Make your content fresh in process and substance.

Knowing these common reasons for sucky content marketing is an excellent step towards coping with the challenges in ensuring yours will succeed. Just as important, hire only article writers from the best article writing service team, who can produce excellent content.